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Design Process Reveal

Auto Chess Official 2020-02-25

Design Process Reveal

Auto Chess Synergies

The development of new chess pieces, races and classes has been progressing steadily. Today, we are revealing some of the things that we are working on!

1. Design Direction

Our primary purpose is to bring more fun and possibilities to Auto Chess, so we are carefully developing brand new chess pieces.This gives us more time to figure out what mechanisms can bring a balanced, easy-to-understand and exciting design to the battlefield.

Right now, we are planning on developing two new chess pieces. They are the Witch (tentative name) with black feather, and the Adorka Knight (tentative name) that fights with Wild Boar.

Although their names have not been finalized, the design of their gameplay has been basically completed. Today we will focus on introducing the Witch.

Witch (tentative name)

2. Witch with black feathers

From the feedback of the design of Grand Herald, we noticed that many of you are interested in a chess piece that steals skills. We thought, why don’t we design a chess piece that has a multi-skill set? And so we created the Witch.

The special feature of this new chess piece is that she is the first chess piece with more than five abilities. As for the exact amount and circumstances of theses abilities, shall be officially announced after the production is completed.

It used to be that Mages could only be defensively countered by using the Marine synergy, but now the Witch and her synergy can take the offensive initiative to punish the mages. Witch comes from a completely new race, and this racial synergy will be effective against Mages.

Mysterious character

3. Some designs under consideration

We are designing a few new classes or races, here are some examples:

(1) Alchemist (tentative name), with a new way to obtain gold within the battle

(2) Monk (tentative name), on the basis of a certain combat effectiveness, provides a new buff effect to surrounding allies.

(3) Fighter (tentative name), as the HP changes, it will also cause changes in different combat states.

After the above two new chess pieces are released, these new races will be released gradually.

The back view of Adorka Knight

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions about the new chess pieces, please leave us some comments! We will be happy to answer them.