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Development Log: Quick Mode

Auto Chess Official 2019-12-30

Development Log: Quick Mode

Less time, more joy

We spent a lot of time working on developing a Quick Mode in the past, but found that it didn't meet our standards during the test period. That's why the old version was never launched. Let's examine the main question behind developing a Quick Mode:

''Is the main purpose to make the game time shorter?''

The purpose of Quick Mode is to make the game more fun and less time consuming. 

The main reason why our project development team rejected the first version of Quick Mode was because while it was shorter, it wasn't very enjoyable.

The reason for rejecting the old version 

What were the problems with the old version? 

l The games still went on for too long

l Making a comeback was too difficult

l The preparation phase time was cut in order to speed up the game pace.

The new Quick Mode 

The main idea is to make a game mode with ''less time, more joy''

How do we accomplish that?

By saving part of the time spent preparing. That way, the player can focus on the main battle, enjoying the game experience brought by pure fighting. 

Unlike Classic Mode, you don't have to worry about gold, leveling, and creep rounds. In the Quick Mode, we streamline the game, bringing players the ultimate fighting experience by focusing on the lineup and positioning.

Design content

The player doesn't have to purchase EXP, there is no gold interest, and creeps are omitted.


Creeps are omitted in Quick Mode, so they aren't there to give items. As long as you survive to Round 15, you will have 7 rare pre-combined items (e.g. Barbaric Cuirass). The way the items drop on the board is similar to the Creep rounds in Classic Mode. The winner can choose one of the three options, while the loser can only get one random item.


“Fatigue” can be a strange concept. This is the mechanism designed to avoid excessive game time. When the game reaches 50 rounds, the player's health will automatically be reduced by half. Let's suppose that there are only two players left on the board: you have 80 health remaining, and your opponent is has only 40 health. The players' health will automatically cut down to 40/20 in the next round. And the loser's health is deducted on top of that. Therefore, the game’s pace will be greatly accelerated. The fatigue mechanism in Quick Mode starts after Round 15, which means that the final battle happens when players reach Level 10. This allows players to create the ultimate 10-unit lineup, without the game lasting too long. 

We're almost done with our introduction to Quick Mode. Some details are still under discussion and will be released for you as soon as we confirm them. There are two more things that you may want to know:

1. Is there a ranked mode?

2. When will it be released online?

There are still some balancing issues that we still need to iron out. For example, we found that some chess pieces like Dark Spirit are too powerful in Quick Mode, so we are still working on creating a balance. We have come to the conclusion that, “the current Quick Mode will not have a ranked ladder at present”. But we're still open to adding a ranked Quick mode after balancing the units. 

We won't let you wait too long for Quick Mode. It might launch within the next one or two patches. We’ll let you know the specific release date after we move along further in the process.

Our official Auto Chess account will keep you updated, so stay tuned!