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Dev Log: About the ability mechanism of Tortola Elder

Auto Chess 2020-05-15

Today we want to talk about the adjustments to the ability mechanism of Tortola Elder that we have made in this version.

The Original Intention

Under the previous mechanism, Tortola Elder's ability selected the enemy with the highest price as the target. We've noted that this mechanism led some players to make some abnormal technique (placed a most valuable piece on the other side of the corner so that most of the allied chess pieces are not damaged by Tortola Elder). Of course, this kind of phenomenon brought Tortola Elders a strong sense of frustration.

Adjusted Ability Mechanism

After the adjustment, the selection target of Tortola Elder ability becomes a random selection of enemy chess pieces in the battle. Each enemy chess piece is evenly chosen. The denser the enemy chess pieces are, the greater the random probability is. We do this in the hope that Tortola Elder can more easily cast his ability towards more enemies so that he can regain the former glory.

Regarding this adjustment, if you have any ideas, please let us know! We are looking forward to hearing your opinions.