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Auto Chess Official 2020-08-21

Dear Players,

Auto Chess experimental server will be under maintenance for roughly 3 hours, beginning at 14:00 on 2020-08-21 (UTC). If necessary, the scheduled server launch may change to accommodate any additional maintenance.

Patch note:


1. Soul Devourer: Demon & Wizard


Chess Piece

1. God of Thunder: Zeus' Punishment

Attack point: 0.3s → 0.5s

2. Werewolf

Base HP: [700/1400/2800] → [750/1500/3000]

3. Poisonous Worm: Plague Ward

CD: [5/4/3]s → [5/5/5]s

4. Sacred Lancer

Base HP: [1150/2300/4600] → [1050/2100/4200]

Race & Class

1. Wizard (4):

(Added effect) 1 less chess piece is required for activating synergy with at least 4 unique chess pieces; if there's only the synergy of one race/class is activated other than the Wizard synergy, then the highest tier of this synergy will be activated immediately.

2. Knight ([2/4/6]):

(Added effect) +[25/50/100] HP Restoration, and all allied Knights have a 100% chance to obtain a damage-reducing shield at the beginning of each round.

3. (New) Egersis (6): All enemies reduce 12 Armor

4. Assassin (6):

Target: All allied Assassins → All allies

Critical rate: 30% → 20%

Critical rate at the first base attack: 70% → 60%

Critical damage: 350%

Assassin (9):

Target: All allied Assassins → All allies

Critical rate: 40% → 30%

Critical rate at the first base attack: 100%

Critical damage: 400%

Game Rules

1. Added new ways of getting Gold in the battle and adjusted required EXP for leveling up

1.1 When a player is eliminated, he/she will leave Gold on the board

1.2 Extra Gold when stopping the winning streak of your opponent 

[Drodo Workshop]

1. New map: Happy Battle

2. New map: Smash Goblin

3. New map: 3-Star Redchief

For any questions, please contact our Customer Service. Have a nice game!

Auto Chess Operation Team