Guide for Chess Club Battle: Vietnamese Chess Club vs Korean Chess Club, the Grand Final!

Auto Chess 2021-07-21

The Chess Club Battle started registration on July 9 and ended on July 12. Over 1,000 teams or individuals have registered for this tournament. We randomly selected 64 Chess Clubs to take part in this 9 days Chess Club Battle.

Chess Club “DnA” comes from Vietnam, and lead by Namchin. The members of the Club are also very famous. aTom, who has reached Top8 in Championships many times, Camxanh, who is often Top3 in the In-Game Championship, and many other star players. DnA also keeps a good relationship with another Chess Club: GTD. They beat every team on the way to the final, including some very competitive Chess Clubs such as”内鬼”、“DF战队”、“YPG.R”. They are the dark horse in this tournament!

Chess Club “NoCheat” comes from Korea and leads by HoyangE. This is the only Korean team in this tournament. They represented Korea in Auto Chess World Cup II, and were eager to win. “We started in the round of 64 as the only Korean team. I will raise Korea's status by winning” said HoyangE. They defeated “斗鱼对子花”, “CN-神仙肆分队” from China, and the famous Japanese Chess Club“MSオチェ情報局”! They are stronger than we think!

Tonight at 19:00, these two top-level teams will face each other, fight for the final championship! Who will have the last laugh, let’s looking forward to it!



 First-place Chess Club: 40,000 Donuts+Select in-game items*4

(In-game Championship items and IP partnership items excluded)

Second-place Chess Club: 20,000 Donuts+Select in-game items*4

(In-game Championship items and IP partnership items excluded)

The first game will start at 11:00, July 21(UTC). The grand final will be BO5.


1.Due to some reasons, the [Chess Club Finals] which was originally scheduled to start at 12:00 (UTC) will start one hour earlier.

Before: The Final will start at 12:00 (UTC), July 21.

Now: The Final will start at 11:00 (UTC), July 21.

2.The winning chess clubs today will win the qualification to distribute the rewards provided by the Auto Chess official team!

3.The interval time between each game is up to three minutes, the actual start time may be advanced or delayed

4.In case of cheating such as playing on behalf of others, once discovered or reported, the organizer has the right to disqualify them from the competition at any stage