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Auto Chess Community World Cup II Qualifier Extension Announcement

Auto Chess 2021-06-10

Dear players:

Thank you so much for joining our Auto Chess Community World Cup II Qualifier. We have deeply felt your enthusiasm and determination, and we'd like to express our sincere gratitude to all players.

Now, we are counting the information of registered teams. We will then send it to the server for everyone to check.

However, during our preparations for the tournament, due to the constant changes in the number of participants and teams, some of the content in the pre-arrangement has not been able to meet everyone's needs. In order to bring you a better experience, we decided to make some changes to the tournament schedule:

June. 6 to June. 9——Discord Registration 

June. 10——Announce the list of successfully registered teams (by Pocket Dragonest)

June. 10 to June. 15—— Teams can play training matches against each other and familiarize themselves with the game mode (4v4 team game in Casual Solo Mode)

June. 16——Announce the list of teams that have passed the qualification review (by Pocket Dragonest)

June. 18 to June. 20——Knockout Stage I. If there are multiple teams from the same country/region, they need to compete for a winner to represent the country/region in this tournament.

June. 21——Publicize the countries and teams that passed Stage I, and the organizer will divide the divisions and quotas for Knockout Stage II according to the registration.

June. 22 to June. 24——According to the divisions and quotas, following the match rules, teams will compete for the division qualifications

If there are any major changes during the period, we will notify the participants via @ALL on this server. Please pay close attention to the group messages!

We apologize for the inconvenience, please inform each other of this announcement.