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Auto Chess 2021-11-05

Patch note:

[New Chess Piece]

New Chess Piece

1.Redfox Swordsman

Quality: Epic

Race: Beast

Class: Assassin

Ability: Foxriken

Roll towards a random enemy unit and thrust 3/4/5 time(s) in the direction of the target. Each thrust is treated as normal attack with additional 30/40/50 physical damage. Pierces ability immunity

CD: 10s/8s/6s

[Chess Piece Rework]

1.Shining Assassin

Quality: Epic→Legendary

Race: Feathered

Class: Assassin

(Old) Ability: T.A. Field: Gains damage immunity for 5/7/9 times and increases ATK by 40/60/80, lasts for 6 seconds.

(New) Ability: Wind Field

Active: Summons a long-lasting Wind Field, increasing 40/60/80 ATK and gaining damage immunity for 5/7/9 times; \n

Passive: Turns normal attack into a 2 grids wide wind blade, penetrating 6 grids behind, dealing 50%/75%/100% pure damage to enemy units in the area.


1.Bloody Club

Recipe: Frantic Mask+Ghost Blade

Effect: Increases ATK by 30, ATK Speed by 15%, Base Attack Lifesteal by 15%. The carrier gets +1% Base Attack Lifesteal for every 3% HP lost.

2.Frantic Mask

(Old) Recipe: Dracula Mask+Wooden Club

Effect: The owner has +10% Base Attack lifesteal and +40% Attack Speed. Silences the owner

(New) Recipe: Dracula Mask+Dracula Mask

Effect: The owner has +15% Base Attack lifesteal and +15% Attack Speed.

3. Bloodbath Skull (original "Infused Mask")

(Old) Recipe: Frantic Mask+Wraith Shard

Effect: The owner has +10% Base Attack lifesteal and +50% ATK Speed.Unique Passive: Reduces the Armor of the target by 8 for 5 seconds when dealing Base attacks.

(New) Recipe: Frantic Mask+Wraith Shard

Effect: Increases ATK Speed by 60%, Base Attack Lifesteal by 15%. The base attack reduces target armor by 8 for 5s. Item carrier will be silenced.

4. Mania (original "Dragonbone Ballista")

(Old) Recipe: Crystal Sword+Ghost Blade

Effect: The owner has +70 ATK. Has a {1:00%} chance to deal {2} damage on hit.

(New) Recipe: Crystal Sword+Wraith Shard

Effect: Increases ATK by 40, ATK Speed by 20%. The carrier has a 20% chance to deal 200% damage with base attacks. The carrier's critical attack increases ATK Speed by 10% for 5s (Can be stacked).

[New Game Mode]

1. 4V4 Team Rank Mode

Auto Chess Operation Team