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Purchase Abnormality for some in-game store Packs

Auto Chess 2021-06-16

Dear players,

We have noticed that currently there is an issue with the in-game store that will lead to Kight Pack, Assassin Pack, Demon Pack didn't deduct Donuts correctly when being purchased.The issue has been located and we will relaunch the items after it's been solved.

Players who have purchased the packs above, please contact the in-game Support by clicking Menu-Support button on Home Page. We will check for you and return the correct amount of Donuts to you in 3 business days.

When contacting the in-game Support, please leave your info about:

1.Purchasing time;

2.Which pack did you purchase;

3.Which items you already owned before purchasing the pack.

We deeply apologize for your inconvenience.

Auto Chess Operation Team