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Auto Chess Show – Answers of Recent Questions

Auto Chess 2020-07-27

After releasing the new version preview, we found that some game content has aroused heated discussions. We have gathered these questions and are ready to share the corresponding answers with you today.

Besides, the new version update that you care about is getting very close! We will inform you of the specific update date soon, please give us a little more patience and understanding.

At present, the experience server has been updated with the new version. For those of you who can't wait, you can go ahead experience it there first!

About Cave Clan (6) Synergy

Q: How do I calculate?

A: All allies gain +350 HP. Ally HP is boosted equally to 700x the percentage of the chess player’s missing HP

% of the chess player's missing HP=current missing HP/ Initial HP

(Applicable for all modes)

For example: In Solo Mode, the chess player's HP remains 10, then the additional HP equals to lost HP(90%) times 700. 

About Shaman (4) Synergy

Q: When my chess piece is hexed into a chess piece with a different Race or Class, will the activated synergies of my line-up change accordingly?

A: No, the calculation of the Synergies will never be changed in each round. 

For example, the Venomancer in my lineup has been turned into a Siren. The Synergies that have been activated since the beginning of this round will not be affected. However, at this time the Siren does not benefit from the Synergy bonus of Kira, Warlock, and Goblin, neither from the Synergy bonus of Siren and Hunter.

Q: One of my chess pieces killed a Shaman then get hexed. Will it continue to be hexed when it kills another Shaman in the same round?

A: Yes, this chess piece will get hexed every time it kills a Shaman.

Q: If the Tortola Elder or Heaven Bomber kills multiple Shamans at once with the area damage ability, will they continuously get hexed?

A: They will hex continuously, chess pieces will get hexed every time they kill a Shaman.

Q: After the chess piece get hexed by the Shaman synergy, will its equipped Items remain? If not, when will the Items restore?

A: After the chess piece gets hexed, the Items on him/her will be gone. Until the next battle, as the hexed chess piece turns back to original, the Items will reappear along with the chess piece.

About the Human Synergy

Q: The current Human synergy is quite normal and not as useful, would you consider to buff it?

A: Yes, we have made adjustments to the Human Synergy. In the new version, the EXP Book obtained by Human Synergy can break through the population limit (up to level 12), applicable to all modes (exception: level 18 in the Fantasy mode [Expensive Repair Fees])

About the Item Drop

Q: The Item drop is a bit unfair, I can hardly get any Items in the round!

A: Don't worry, we have noticed this issue. In the new version, we have optimized the Item drop mechanism to ensure that every player gets the same amount of Item through the creeps rounds in the battle.

Starting from the 10th round, you will get 1 Item for sure from the creeps rounds (and 2 pieces of Items in Round 40). Also, we have increased the probability of getting an Item with higher quality.

About the Balance Adjustment

We have been studying the data of the performance of different chess pieces and lineups, as well as your feedback to determine the direction of the future balance adjustment. Through cautious observation and thinking during this period, we decided to make certain adjustments to the Synergy of Beast, Marine, Warrior, and other races. Meanwhile, the combat capabilities and price of some chess pieces are also within our adjustment considerations.