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Auto Chess 2020-05-05

Dear Players,

A maintenance for Auto Chess PC has been carried out on 05.04 aiming to fix the following issues:

  • where you might see the shared zone for chess pieces in the Solo mode
  • where the Race information was missing in the Novice mode
  • where your chess player didn't move to the initial position after disabling the [Move the Chess player] option
  • where your chess player was presented on the right side at the beginning of Duo mode
  • where the creeps' name was not displayed at the Round 10 in Novice mode
  • where the win steak was broadcasted at the beginning of a battle
  • where the corresponding ability description of Scryer wasn’t presented in the battle
  • where you might encounter an error notification while tapping on the [Star Up] button from the Store with no vacancy on your bench
  • where the Wizard synergy was not displayed when activated
  • where the display of the damage to the chess players was Inconsistent with the actual value

Apart from the issues mentioned above, other fixes will soon be operated in a short future, please follow the official announcement for the latest information!

Auto Chess Operation Team