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02/12 Online Update

Auto Chess Official 2020-02-12

Dear Players,

There will be an on-line update at 22:00 on 02/12 (UTC) for roughly 20 minutes. If you encounter any abnormality in the Store interface after the update, please restart the game.



Abyssalcrawler: now Ability cooltime is 9/8/7 seconds (instead of 8/7/6)


1. New arrivals in the Store

2. New Valentine's Day [Sharing] event

3. New Valentine's Day exclusive Gacha and animation

4. New Entering animation for Season 4


1. Fixed bug where Infused Mask couldn't silence its holder

2. Fixed problem where there were not sound when tapping the Navigation bar on the Home interface

3. Fixed problem where the description of the Novice Quest "Reliable DPS" were wrongly input

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your support.

Auto Chess Operation Team