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Letter from Glacier Chamber 001

Glacier Chamber 2020-12-16

In our previous event Please Answer, Developer, we noticed that players have many questions about the currency and commodity system. So today we'd like to pick some typical questions to answer.

Q: I'm aware that it's possible to get a complete set of the legendary chess skins at once since last season, though the chance is not that high. But would I get a skin that I've already owned? If so, can we have a guarantee mechanism to prevent that from happening? For example, a voucher that lets me pick a specified skin I don't have. After all, I don't want duplicate skins. 


There is a chance to get duplicate skins. And in fact, we've already optimized the system once, trying to bring a better experience:

  • Double the drop rate of every season's new legendary skin.
  • Possible to redeem your favored chess skins with Pass Voucher.

As usual, we will keep working on it.

Q: Will legendary skins encore? Will the linkage skins like Pirate Captain be marked as Linkage Exclusive because they won't encore?


There will be encore sales for Legendary skins in the future. Please pay attention to our official community, and we will bring you the hot news the first time,

Unfortunately, linkage skins will not get an encore. We are also discussing the demands for making the Linkage Exclusive mark visible. We hope to optimize this issue soon.

Q: Can we have more ways to spend cookies?


We are paying close attention to this issue as well, and we'll release more items like chessboards and chess players that can be purchased by cookies in the future. Furthermore, we want to ensure the quality and bring you a better experience. As mentioned before, we are now working on new chess pieces, and this just slowed us down a little. Little spoiler here, besides the Cannon Granny we just revealed, those Pandamen we talked about in previous feedbacks are also preparing themselves! Please stay tuned for it!

Q: Where is the "Timed Store" event? Please bring them back.


Well noted. We are now concentrating on optimizing our new "Timed Store" event. And we believe that it's coming soon!

Q: I've got 6 out of 9 legendary skins of a set from past Senior Pass, and I hope to exchange the rest at the only necessary price. (Same logic as purchasing chess skins in Store)


Well noted. Our team will assess this demand and will implement it as long as it gets past.