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Dev Log: Balance adjustment (About Shaman)

Auto Chess 2020-08-11

In a recent major update, we’ve added the Shaman (4) synergy into the game. Due to the strength of this synergy, we received a lot of feedback from players that said that almost everyone in the game is now using shaman.

However, we didn't rush making the adjustments, because we still had to repeatedly test the changes in the internal beta environment to make sure that the changes wouldn’t produce new problems.

By analyzing the data from all of the matches and referring to the situation in Dota Auto Chess, we decide to take the following steps, which will be premiered in our experimental server.

What’s the change?

The main problem with the 4 Shaman synergy is that the hexed chess piece might turn into something completely useless, from something that once played a very important role in the lineup. So, in order to avoid this awkwardness, we have come out with the following solution:

The chess piece hexed by 4 Shaman will inherit the HP status and all the equipped Items (along with the CD time) and get full mana.

This solution is parallel to the treatment in the Dota2 Auto Chess. After the adjustment, 4 Shaman is expected to be effectively weakened, and you will have more chances to counter the Shaman lineups.

A “little bug” in this change

At this time, the balance adjustment is directly done on the backstage, so in the battle, you might still find the Items of your hexed pieces are “missing”, but in fact, they will still be inherited. This problem will be resolved accordingly in the next client update.

Thanks for your attention. And looking forward to hearing your feedback!