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Dev Log:Mechanism Adjustment of the Chess Store

Auto Chess 2020-03-25

Dev Log:Mechanism Adjustment of the Chess Store

In Auto Chess, it is one of the most important ways for us to purchase the desired chess pieces by refreshing the chess store. Due to the uncertainty of the refresh results in the chess store, "Natural win" and "Tough luck" are often only one step apart. In fact, the refresh mechanism of the chess store is not random as many of you thought.

In the recent update, we made an adjustment to the refresh mechanism of the chess store. In order to make our players better understand the impact of the refresh mechanism in the game, here we want to talk about the principles and adjustment directions:

1. Illustration of adjustment content 

In the previous version, Auto Chess adopted the old mechanism,that is, "chess pieces that have not been bought in the chess store last time will not appear this time." For instance, if you are given five chess pieces (ABCDE) this time, but did not purchase any of them, then you will not get ABCDE again next time.

Since the last update, we adjusted the old mechanism to the new mechanism, that is, "chess pieces that were not purchased last two times will not appear this time this time (after 5 rounds of the game)". In other words, if you are given five ABCDE chess pieces this time and five FGHIJ pieces next time, then you won’t see the unpurchased chess pieces again in the third time.  


2. The reason for the adjustment

The reason why the refresh mechanism is adjusted to the new one is to improve the effect of chess pieces refreshing, and to make the synthesis of chess pieces easier, so as to bring everyone a better game experience.

In the previous version, players who frequently refreshed the chess store in the early stage often had a poor gaming experience. Most players tended to save money in the early stage, use the transition lineup to maintain their HP, and then began to refresh in the chess store by using the accumulated gold in the middle and late stages. However, due to the high repetition rate of the chess store refreshment, even in the middle and late stages, it is often difficult to get the required chess pieces due to the bad luck. Auto Chess as a competitive game, we hope to reduce the impact of "luck" on the game situation and encourage players to develop more gameplay. This is also our original intention to make this adjustment.

3. The expected effect after adjustment

After adjusting the mechanism, you can build a lineup in a more smooth way. Earnings from refreshing the store in the early round will increase so the gap between the middle and late lineups will be narrowed. The randomness of the game will also decrease which requires better operating ideas.

For a competitive game, the reduction of randomness will improve competitiveness at the same time. It should be good news for the players who would like to compete on operating.

4. In the player’s view

We interviewed two top players in response to this refresh mechanism adjustment. Let’s take a look at their opinions:

Player 1: The previous mechanism (the chess pieces that have not been purchased in the previous round will not appear) are upgraded to the new one (the chess pieces that have not been purchased in two consecutive rounds will not appear). This improves the revenue obtained from refreshing the store, balances the improvement of the "population maximum" and "store refresh mechanism", and reduces the component of luck in a single game.

Player 2: "After 5 rounds, the chess pieces that were refreshed twice but were not purchased will no longer appear in the store." Believe it or not, this simple sentence will change the overall rhythm of the game. In other words, there is a higher probability of getting your demanded chess piece and there is a higher revenue obtained from that chess piece. For the lineups that require 3-star chess pieces, the battle can be impressive in the late game. In addition, the early stage of the game will be accelerated a little. It will be rare to see the situations where there are many two same chess pieces in hand, or where the transition lineup is required in the early stage to maintain HP. There is progress with this change because this makes the game pace faster. What’s more, since it is easier to combine the chess pieces, the selection of each item can be a significant element of the match result.

It is considered to be necessary for a competitive game to adjust the mechanism at the appropriate time. We don’t want a mechanism to stay still, however, we also don’t want it to cause a monopolistic situation. If you have any suggestions about the mechanism adjustment, please feel free to let us know your thoughts!