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Performance Optimization for Different Devices

Auto Chess 2020-03-10

New Version Preview: Performance Optimization for Different Devices

As the game continues to be updated, we have added a lot of special effects and art resources in the new version in order to bring a better and more excellent Auto Chess gaming experience to the players. At the same time, we have also noticed that some players have been giving feedback about some problems with the optimization and adaptation on some devices, which cause their game experience to be seriously affected.

Regarding these issues, we have been spending a lot of time to seriously work on the appropriate solutions. As a competitive game developer, we are always trying our best to optimize Auto Chess, and adapt the game onto a variety of advanced devices. We hope Auto Chess can achieve the best performance with the lowest energy consumption possible.

In the current optimization stage, we are progressing through some solutions such as dynamic unloading of resources, cleanup of redundant resources, and optimization of texture formats. We reduced the occupied phone memory to ensure that the game functions well on Android 1.5G and iOS iPhone 6.

It is always our biggest priority to provide an excellent gaming experience to the players all over the world. No matter what kind of device the player is using, Auto Chess should be compatible with as many hardware devices as possible, especially weaker hardware. That is why we work very hard on optimization for these devices.


In addition, if you still encounter some device performance optimization or adaptation problems during the game, please feel free to send us feedback through the community, customer service and other official channels. We will keep moving and continue to carry out the optimization work.

Team Auto Chess