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Auto Chess New Version Preview

Auto Chess Official 2020-03-02

Auto Chess New Version Preview

A Glance at the Three Highlights

Dear players,

Chess Pass S4 is coming to an end, and Auto Chess is about to move to the new version with new chess pieces, new gameplay, and a new Chess Pass. What’s more, we will bring back the chessboard display on home page and optimize the in-game interface features like Illustration to bring a more comfortable visual game experience.

1.New Chess Piece

Each chess piece only has 1 ability in the current version. In the new version, we will release the 7-ability chess piece“Butterfly” from a brand new race “Blood Feather". We will bring more information about Butterfly’s background and abilities very soon.


2.New themed Chess Pass S4

To make players more familiar with the new chess pieces, adapt to the new version, and have a better season experience, we have extended the S4 season. The brand new Chess Pass “Abyssal Treasure” will be released and the related content will be announced next week.

3.Bring back chessboard display on home page

The original chessboard display on the home page will be brought back in the new version. We have also optimized some of the in-game display interfaces. Please be patient & stay tuned!

(The name of the chess piece and chess pass mentioned in the article is tentative, the actual situation is based on the new version)

New version, fresh experience! Auto Chess is taking you on a new and fresh game journey!