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New Chess Piece's Race Adjustment

Auto Chess 2020-03-10

Dev Log: Adjusting the New Chess Piece's Race


Recently, we have revealed some information about the new chess piece The Scryer to the community. We have seen that a lot of people are excited for the new chess piece from community feedback we have received during the past few days. We are excited to see all the positive feedback. However, some issues have appeared during our internal test runs recently, which had lead us to further adjust the upcoming chess piece. We plan on sharing with you the specific reasons why we made this adjustment.

We have temporarily removed the "Raven" concept from the new chess piece

When we revealed the information about the new chess piece The Scryer, we mentioned the concept for a new race, Raven. In the initial design stages, we hoped that the new chess piece would bring in a completely new experience, and had hoped that it would come from a completely different race, to enrich the fun and combinations available during gameplay.

However, there were two main reasons that led us to remove the race Raven temporarily:

1. This brand new chess piece has a unique skill mechanism: it will have multiple abilities. In terms of gameplay, The Scryer with her multiple abilities, complements the Divinity synergy. If we attach the Raven attribute to it, it will ruin this gameplay. Thus, we changed the Raven racial effect into The Scryer's passive ability. This way, the player can experience the powerful new Feathered chess piece, and can also use The Scryer as a Shaman.

2. The second reason, is because it conflicts with the Worldview/Lore. In the current worldview we have designed, Raven itself is a branch of Feathered, but we don’t have any other races that can form an effective synergy combination with it. This will make the new race appear meaningless after its official launch, obviously not the effect we wanted to achieve.

Because of the two reasons mentioned above, we have decided to temporarily remove the race concept "Raven" from the new chess piece, but this will not affect the progress of development for The Scryer. The actual identity information of the new chess piece [The Scryer] will be presented to everyone as a combination of Feathered + Shaman. As for when the "Raven" is going to be added to official gameplay? Let's wait and see!

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